We all had a great time at adoptions Saturday 4/30, watching the pups, old friends and new, happily romping and wrestling with each other!

As always, Pinky was the center of the play with our new young pups Bubbles, Nena, and Yippy jumping in and out of the fun. At the same time, Chihuahuas Charlie, Puka and Annabelle preferred to keep more to themselves, having a small party of their own while Ivy kept a careful watch over all.

Over in the big dog section, it was great to see Ziggy, with that big lovable smile, Shaloha, who seems to have a great time every week, beautiful Abba, and Crawford, who seemed exhausted since recently moving to a cage free kennel environment. Oh, and how can I forget mischievous little Monkey who had a great time with all!

        Please come by and meet these loveable dogs! 

We’re at Centinela Feed every Saturday from 11:00 – 3:00

             You may just meet your new best friend!

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