We have a lot of wonderful big dogs that seem to be overlooked at adoptions lately. Granted, the puppies are as cute as they can be, but they are a lot of work! With an adult dog, you usually don’t have to deal with the potty training, chewing, and digging that goes along with puppyhood. And if you’re anything like me, I’d be afraid I’d trip over a chihuahua!

Consider our three adult Rottweilers; Abba, Shaloha, and Freddy.
Understandably, Rottweilers are not for everyone, but these three are GREAT!

Abba  is the smaller of the three at about 75 pounds and is 2 years old. She is a very calm and friendly girl, but does seem to have an active prey drive, so we wouldn’t trust her around cats.

Freddy is a 5 year old large male at over 110 pounds! But you should see him with puppies; a gentle giant!

Shaloha was named by combining Shalom and Aloha; a very appropriate name for her. The last dog we pulled from the Mojave hoarding situation, 4 year old Shaloha needs some training, but she is a very friendly and happy girl despite living for so many years under less than ideal circumstances.

4 years old and ready for her new home - Shaloha

If pit bulls are more you style, check out Ziggy and Oscar!
Two years old, Ziggy is an absolutely gorgeous blue and white bundle of energy! He is going through some training now and it is amazing to see his progress! He’s very smart and will make someone a fantastic companion; but not with any other male dogs. He does great with the females in the all pitbull cage free kennel environment in which he is currently living.
At about 7 months old, Oscar is just about as loving of a dog you can find! Full of energy and a quick learner, Oscar will be a great family dog and would be a fun running companion.

Ziggy likes to get silly

Finally, let’s not forget about Crawford!
At the age of 8, Crawford still has a lot of love left in him. An extremely gentle American bulldog mix, Crawford does have some chronic back problems, and will need to continue to take medication, as most of us do when we get older too! Crawford would be an ideal dog for a less active person; he’d love to lay on the couch and watch TV with you!

Please come and by and say Hello to our Big Dogs!

They would love to meet you!

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