May 21 2011 – Money down the tubes

We know that kids have a tendency to stick pennies up their noses…well some kids do.    But that’s a PENNY.

I should have known better.   I should have known better than to take my “Best Friends” cash out of my pocket and just leave it vulnerable on the kitchen table.   There it was…lying there naked and vulnerable.

And I should have known when I heard Bernie snuffling around the kitchen then hightailing it into the bedroom that nothing good had happened.   But I was too tired.

Tattered remains of bills throughout the bedroom.   Sigh.   Lesson learned.    Money is now in the same category as shoes, underwear and towels.

Who me? I'm innocent

One Response to “May 21 2011 – Money down the tubes”

  1. Darvan Says:

    I always knew I loved that Bernie!

    Train the Bernster with Monopoly Money?
    Tho’ I bet he’d know the diff!

    Bernie, just bury it in the yard and pull it out
    for mama on a rainy day.

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