Bubbles – Obedience Class – Day Two

I kinda was hoping it was a one day type thing but NO….we got in the car and went back to School.   This time Monkey came with us.   She cried all the way there saying “I don’t need to go to school!   I’m perfect!   Let me outta here.”   She gave Mom a major headache and by the time we got there Mom was pretty crabby.

Anyway….more HEEL, SIT AND BLAH BLAH BLAH but this time we had to STAY.   Do you know how hard this is.  Just sit and stay and not move and there are so many cute dogs around to play with and it’s REALLY hard.   I didn’t do very well.  Monkey did great.   She was actually quiet during the class….I think she got scared that there were so many big dogs.

The teacher tried to get me to get this dog Cappy to play with me.   Cappy is really shy and didn’t want to play with anyone.  He kept hiding behind his Mom.  So Teacher called me over to play but no dice…Cappy just wouldn’t do anything but sit there and look sad.   Maybe next time he will join us at recess.

Well, that’s it for now.  Gotta go practice.  I wanna do better than Monkey next week.  It’s a competition now!!!!!!!!




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