Baby Bird Rescue

So this morning I went out to fill out water bowls and clean the kennel runs and when I was in the run Bubbles is using I looked out the fence and there was a fuzzy headed baby bird just sitting on a log looking confused.

“Crap” I thought.   “This is one of those birds that wakes me up every morning but I can’t let this little guy just sit here and starve.”

Now I am kinda scared of birds.   Birds, moths, butterflies…anything with wings.    This rescue needed to be thought out carefully.   Didn’t want to give me OR the birdie a heart attack.

To make a long story short, I used the pooper scooper handle to nudge him up off the log and onto the chain link fence.    Little by little, we got him up higher and higher.   He could flap and fly a little bit at a time so eventually he got to the top of the kennel run.

AT THAT POINT Mom and Dad started screaming at me and dive bombing me.   Guess they finally realized one of their kids had flown the coop.    But I stood firm and kept pushing the little birdie butt to get up into the tree over the kennel.   HE DID IT.   Mom and Dad kept screeching encouragement and branch by branch he made it.   I’m not sure if he got all the way to the nest but I know he got out of the way of Bubbles’ and Monkey’s run so if he  falls again, he won’t become a snack.   He’ll go back to the same leafy log and we’ll just start all over.    I’ll check on him this afternoon.

His name is Orville Wrong.    He was cute.   Little fluffy head, skinny little legs….yellow beak.    Hope you make it OK Orville!



One Response to “Baby Bird Rescue”

  1. Patti Says:

    That is a great story…I’m so glad you were able to save that fuzzball from the JAWS of the 2 puppies.
    There are lotsa baby birds this is the time of year, and that little one was LUCKY!
    Another Dawgsquad Rescue…Yay!

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