From Helen, the Roving Reporter

Ever wonder if hypnotism is real? Well, take it from me, it is!


Last Friday night Dawg Squad people got together for a fun evening with hypnotist Jake Shannon as the Professor XS Mind Control Experiment, and I somewhat reluctantly volunteered. What an amazing experience that was–being totally aware of everything that was going on, but at the same time being “under the influence” of The Professor! Don’t think for a minute that while hypnotized that you might do something you wouldn’t normally do though–there was no way I would dance like Michael Jackson and I didn’t! What fun that was and I never felt so relaxed afterward!


Jake said he’d be back again next year and I can’t wait–what a great way to have some fun time with your dog people friends and at the same time raise money for the Squad!

Saturday, two of our dogs went to their forever homes! Oscar, our energetic and loving pit mix, found a family with 3 great kids and Julie, our sweet lab mix that does fabulous tricks, went to the home of one of the Girl Scout leaders who volunteered with her troop for several weeks. It’s wonderful to see the excited faces of children (and moms and dads) with their new dogs and we know Oscar and Julie will have great lives!


Now I can play Patty Cake with the Girls Scouts EVERY day

No adoptions next Saturday– so please come visit the Dawg Squad dogs Saturday June 25th  at Centinela Feed in Westchester.


And Happy Fathers Day to all people and dog fathers!

One Response to “From Helen, the Roving Reporter”

  1. Patti Says:

    YAY! for the new adoptees!!!

    And YAY! for you Helen, for helping make the hypnosis night more entertaining!

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