Bubbles Obedience…Again

Well I’m getting that sit/stay thing down.  Last week we spent the WHOLE class doing heel, stop, sit, stay and I was just too tired to write anything.   And I was really mad at Monkey ’cause I told her that Blaze was MY boyfriend and to stay away but SHE IS A HUSSY!
She kept making eyes at him and wiggling her butt at him and he didn’t play with me at all last week so…well to be honest…I’ve been sulking!

Last night’s class was different.  The teacher said it was problem solving night.  Mom kept raising her hand every time Teacher asked “Who has a dog that_________”.   I really DON’T dig that much and I kinda come when she calls and well, yes, I do jump on you when I first meet you but I’m trying really hard to stop that.   All I can say is I “come” lots better than that Monkey.   Mom has to chase her all over the house just to get a leash on her.   Maybe Monkey would come faster if Mom would stop laughing.

Monkey thinks she's so cute

I was used as the demo dog for jumping.   Teacher called me over and let me jump on him.   Then he called me over again and shook a can at me and said “Sit” and he scared me so I sat.   Well he must think I’m really stupid because the next time he called me over I just went up to him real nice and sat and gave him my cutest look ever and he told me I was a good girl.    I’m good and I’m smart too.  No one has to shake that can at me more than once.  It is SCAREY.

I didn’t even get to stay with Mom last night.  She brought me and Monkey and Dibs because Dibs is a graduate and she brought him to show off and show the other dogs in the class how to do stuff.   So Monkey worked with our friend Lara and I stayed with this lady named Rina who was just visiting the class.  I think she was kinda
surprised when Mom handed her my leash and said “here, have some fun!”

So I’ve got two more classes and then I get to be graduated and next year I can be the show off girl and Dibs will have to stay home!   YEA!


Talk to you next week!

2 Responses to “Bubbles Obedience…Again”

  1. Patti Says:

    You GO, bubbly Bubbles!
    You’ll be at the head of the class before you know it!

  2. dawgsquad Says:

    Thanks Ms. Patti!


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