New Dogs in The Squad

It’s always exciting when new dogs join the Squad, and on Saturday we had 4!

Jasmine is a beautiful little Rottie pup, about 3 months old. She is soft and cuddly and full of puppy energy!


Hookey, a black Mastiff mix, about 10 weeks old, got his name because Carole, our Founder, answered a knock at her door one morning on a day she had played hooky from work–guess who was at the door!



Dwayne is a 2 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Although he needs a bit of training, Dwayne is very friendly and seems quite smart. If you don’t know what a Catahoula looks like, check out our website for some great photos!

Finally, Flurry is an absolutely fantastic white Bull Terrier. Flurry is about 7 months old and her name suits her. She not only is the color of a snow flurry, but also a flurry of energy! She is full of love and loves life! It seemed to me that Flurry thought adoptions was one big party and party she did!  Please drop by and visit Flurry at her party next Saturday at Centinela Feed in Westchester. She, Hookey, Jasmine,Dwayne, and all of our other dogs would love to meet you!


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