A note from Bubbles’ new family

Everything is marvelous, Bella Bubbles, our Bubbles is doing fantabulously, I am completing paying bills, Buddy is lying down on the floor next to me and Bubbles is lying down next to him; even though they both have comfy beds, they prefer to be on the floor near to me while I am paying bills…must be the endorphins coursing thru my veins as I pay the bills, can’t imagine any other reason.
Bubbles is eating Buddy’s gourmet organic dog food and has no allergic reactions, her #2 was a nice brown, soft and healthy.  I gave Bubbles a bath last night using organic olive oil shampoo and there was no allergic reaction as well.  We put Frontline Plus on Bubbles last night, no allergic reaction to that either.  Bubbles will be starting an organic dog multiple and mineral vitamin in about a week, I don’t want to introduce too much new stuff into her system at once.
All of my family adores Bubbles, even my grumpiest child, nice dog, mom, he said.  Sean, of course, has been having a ball with her…my little Olivy gave Bubbles and Buddy treats, they all played outside in the back yard today with my daughter Catherine supervising and everything went very, very well.  Olivy is still a little skitish, but I am delighted that she was willing to play outside with the dogs, what a monumental step forward.
Alex, Francis’ twin, woke me up at 6:30am this morning before the went to work to meet Bubbles, I could have killed him..my one day to sleep in, really, really?!  But Alex adored Bubbles and she adored him.  Alex has a HUGE boxer, weighs about 90 lbs at least, gentle as a lamb, so Alex is used to BIG dogs, mine are tiny.  I was afraid Alex would take Bubbles with him, so I kept an eye on him.
So, that’s it for now, Bubbles, Buddy and I are going into my room now to take a well deserved nap…they entertained and played with my two grandkids until they left, I ran errands, bought groceries, paid bills, and now am crashing into bed.
You are welcome to visit Bubbles anytime, just please don’t wake me up at 6:30am, tee, hee, hee.

Lots of hugs and love from Bubbles, Buddy and family.

One Response to “A note from Bubbles’ new family”

  1. jean butt Says:

    great, great news!!!!!!!! I’ll be sure to visit soon 🙂

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