Oldies and Goodies

It was great to see Andy at adoptions on Saturday.
Andy is an “elderly” black lab that we first met at last Fall’s Best Friends event where one of the city or county shelters had brought him, hoping for adoption.
Although as sweet, loving and gentle as he was, Andy did not get adopted by anyone from the public. Not only was Andy older, but he had growths on his abdomen that made him look like a female that had had one too many liters of pups.
Well, we decided that made Andy a perfect Dawg Squader!

Andy - Our Miracle Dog

When we took Andy for a his routine check with our vet, we got the bad news that he had cancer. So our next goal was to make Andy as comfortable as possible and let him know that he was loved. One of our volunteers took him into her home and worked with our vet, knowing Andy’s time was short.
Well, as well all know, medical science isn’t perfect; and in Andy’s case, that was perfect!
Although appearing increasingly uncomfortable, Andy did not display the usual signs and symptoms of cancer. Therefore, the vet decided to do exploratory surgery. What he found was an undescended testicle! This caused Andy all sorts of problems including those weird growths on his abdomen!
Now that the vet removed the testicle, Andy is feeling quite young and chipper and those growths are shrinking!
So now Andy is available for adoption.
If you are looking for a super sweet and gentle soul without the silliness that goes along with a puppy, Andy may just be for you! Come and visit Andy on Saturday at our new location–Centinela Feed on Lincoln just South of Manchester next to Ralph’s. Andy would love to meet you!
And check out these two old friends reunited.   Gramps and Mitzvah were both part of the hoarding situation in Mojave.   Gramps was adopted by Sydney’s amazing family.   And when they heard that Mitzvah was also looking for a home, well, they just invited him to join the gang.   Sydney and her brothers are fantastic – they like the old, kinda strange looking dogs…no puppies for them!

Gramps,Sydney and Mitzvah

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