Bonnie is officially adopted

One of the first dogs we rescued from Mojave, Bonnie has always been special.    She is extremely timid and just about scared of everything.    Crinkling up notebook paper could transform her into a quivering mass of fur.   She would hide under chairs, behind counters, anything to get away from human beings.

Enter Laura Wright of Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in S. California.   Laura found Bonnie a kind and patient foster in San Diego.

For Bonnie and Carol, it hasn’t been day by day improvement.   It’s been week by week, month by month for the last six months.    For every step forward there was a step backward.   Fourth of July set Bonnie back about a month in her progress.

Carol wouldn’t give up.   Bonnie has an herbalist and goes to acupuncture sessions.  And little by little, this shy little dog is coming out of her shell.

And today, Carol said she couldn’t even think about Bonnie ever leaving….she wanted to permanently adopt her.

Go ahead….cry….we did.

Live Long and Be Happy Ms. Bonnie!




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