New kids and happy endings!

We are happy to report that Diego, our Rottie pup, went to his forever home on Sunday!

We’re also excited to tell you about our new dogs—Turnip, a tan 8 week old Dachshund/Chihuahua mix; Becky, a 4 year old Rottie; and Broccoli, an 8 week old Cocker/Chihuahua mix.

Turnip was abandoned at our vet’s office.


Becky was on her “last day” at one of the county shelters. Poor girl has an upper respiratory infection and was covered in tics!



And Broccoli was turned in to The Squad by a lady who got him from a friend of a friend.






Happily, Becky is recovering nicely while being boarded at our vet’s, and Turnip and Broccoli are settling in nicely in their foster homes.

If you are interested in meeting Turnip, Becky, Broccoli, and/or any of our other Dawg Squad dogs, please stop by Saturday between 11:00 – 3:00 at Centinela Feed on Lincoln Blvd., just South of Manchester in Westchester. They would love to meet you!



Roving Reporter for Dawg Squad

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