More pups join The Squad

Our 3 new puppies sure got a lot of attention at adoptions last Saturday! Of all things, they are named for vegetables–Turnip, Cauliflower, and Broccoli!





Turnip and Cauliflower are sisters, probably chihuahua and something scruffy like a terrier. Cauliflower, the scruffy one, is very wiggly and full of mischief. When holding her in the car when we took her for her shots, I finally had to cover her up to keep her still in my lap–she was trying her best to get in the back seat to join our big Rottweiller!

Turnip is smooth-coated with little white paws and is a lot calmer than her sister.

And Broccoli–what a yucky name for such a gorgeous little guy! He’s black and white with the most beautiful eyes and as sweet as he can be! It was a lot of fun to watch the three of them play all day!
We also were joined by one of the nicest dogs you’d ever want to meet! Yogee, 12 years old, disappeared from his home in Highland Park about 4 months ago, not to be found until last week, all the way in Westchester, where a kind person picked him up and took him to her vet.



Yogee was microchipped, so his people were immediately called. But, they already had gotten another dog and didn’t want Yogee back. Unbelievable–what a beautiful, sweet, kind, and gentlemanly dog! Well, their loss is going to be a blessing to someone else; we all immediately fell in love with Yogee and if we all didn’t have houses full of dogs already, would have loved to take him home ourselves.
Then, we have two new Rottweillers, Becky, 5 years old, is very well mannered and sweet. Lincoln, 5 months old, well, let’s just say that he’s going to need some training!




Finally, I’m happy to report that Flurry, our beautiful Bull Terrier, is doing better every week, thanks to her fabulous fosters who are giving her lots and lots of exercise!
Now, I can’t wait until next Saturday, when we will be debuting Bayou, our Pit/Cataloua mix, and there is also a rumor about a little guy with short legs, possibly named Junior. More on that next week!



Dawg Squad’s Roving Reporter

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