Chaotic yet fun!

Sometimes when we have new dogs, or more dogs than usual, or even if we put the wrong dogs next to each other, it gets kind of wild at adoptions. Well, that happened last Saturday, but it was still lots of fun!

Our two female Rotties, Becky and Shaloha, along with our Catahoula, Dwayne, were quite vocal and animated this week!

Maybe Becky and Shaloha were vying for Dwayne’s attention and maybe Dwayne was excited because of this—who knows, but what a handful! And what a contrast to our sweet, quiet, and gentle Senior, Yogee, who sits so nicely, just happy for a gentle word and touch!

There continues to be lots of interest in our tiny Veggie Pups – Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Turnip– who when not being cuddled, have great fun together in their rounder.

But the best part of the day was meeting our newest addition, Bayou, an absolutely gorgeous and sweet Catahoula/pit mix.

A little over a year old, Ms. Bayou is missing an eye. We don’t know how that happened, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it. She has the most fabulous coloring, with patches of various shades of gray—very unique! Bayou behaved quite nicely despite being surrounded by the raucous behavior of Becky, Shaloha, and Dwayne!



And don’t let me forget that we were joined by Junior (also briefly known as Stubby) but, not surprisingly, he was gone before the end of the day when Peggy, one of our favorite DS dogs, stopped by with her people, looking for a friend. We understand that Peggy and Junior are happily sharing toys and sleeping together—a perfect Dawg Squad match!


Want to join the fun and meet Bayou, Yogee, the Veggie Pups, and rest of the Squad? Please stop by Saturday! We’ll be at Centinela Feed on Lincoln Blvd., just South of Manchester.


The Roving Reporter

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