We Take It Slow, We Make It Last

Great week for the Dawgs, with several great adoptions in process!
But I’ve got to tell you the most amazing one of them all.
A little over a month ago we were contacted by the people who adopted Cheech, an absolutely huge Tibetan Mastiff mix from us over a year ago.  He kind of looked like a combination between a lion and a bear and needed A LOT of training.
Well, of all dogs, they were interested in Shaloha, our big Rottweiller, the last of the group we rescued from a hoarding situation in the Mojave desert back in January.  We couldn’t imagine how Cheech, now named Mochi, and Shaloha could possible work together; and frankly, the thought of it was kind of scary!
But, these kind folks really had their heart set on Shaloha and believed it was possible, so we agreed to a meet and greet at adoptions. First, we were amazed at how sweet, gentle, and mannerly Mochi was! His people had him so well trained and a walk with the two actually didn’t go too badly.
However, we still weren’t convinced and suggested a consult with our wonderful trainer, Michael Chill.
Slowly over the next few weeks, Mochi, his family, and Shaloha worked with the trainer. Now, we are happy to report that Shaloha, now known as Babu, has joined the family and is as happy as can be! She starts individual training with Michael Chill this week.
Many thanks and much love to this wonderful family for believing in Shaloha and giving her such a wonderful home!
Hope to see you this Saturday at Centinela Feed on Lincoln, just South of Manchester. We’re there from 11:00 – 3:00 and have lots of wonderful dogs for you to meet!
Your Roving Reporter,

One Response to “We Take It Slow, We Make It Last”

  1. Patti Says:

    Another miracle at DawgSquad…where wonder NEVER cease!

    The BEST people come to DawgSquad to find their pets, it seems…what an amazing challenge they were willing to face and what a wonderful outcome, for everyone.

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