Becky…Attitude is Everything

We are happy to report that Sloan, Harmony, Pilot, and Priscilla went to their new homes this week!

It’s pretty easy to find good homes for puppies like them–what about an older, huge Rottweiller like Becky whose idea of fun is to bark, growl, snarl, and show her teeth to everyone who comes by?
Becky is turning out to be quite a challenge.
Formerly known as Vivian, we saved Becky from the Baldwin Park shelter after we received tons of emails from various people letting us know that her time at the shelter was about up.
How could we resist such a pretty girl?
And the fact is, Becky is a good dog; we don’t see any agressiveness in her towards people or dogs. She walks well on a leash and likes car rides. She gives the most marvelous Rottweiller hugs while lovingly looking up at you with those big brown eyes!
The problem is that while at adoptions she needs to be in a crate most of the time.  That’s when she seems to get this gleam in her eyes and starts wagging her tail, seeming to wait for the next person or dog to pass. Then, there she goes–barking and snarling, usually scaring everyone away!
We know Becky is just having fun, but that isn’t the way to get adopted! So, now we’re trying to work with Becky; sitting with her outside of the crate where we’ve found she really just wants to be a lap dog!

If you’d like to meet our big, loyal, lovable lap dog, please give us a call–Becky is waiting to hear from you!


Lara has a talk with Becky about her behavior at adoptions.

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