We sure have had lots of puppies at the Squad lately! We have our Rottie puppies–Rue, Sailor, Finnick, and Jelly.


Rue and Sailor, the older of the group, were both fairly quiet at adoptions last week. They are growing so big so quickly; maybe it’s wearing them out; or, maybe they were saving all their energy for late night partying with their fellow fosters



Finnick is about the same age as Rue and Sailor, but because he’s had such a rough start on life, he is a lot smaller. Finnick is a very calm and gentle Rottie, who is happy to sit it your lap and be held. We think that he would be an ideal dog for someone who is looking for a smaller Rottie with a little less attitude.


And speaking of attitude, we have Jelly! She is one of the most confident little Rottie pups I’ve ever met. Obviously very smart, and aware of her good looks, Jelly is going to need a strong person and a lot of training, or I’m sure she will take over the world!   Jelly will be photographed next Saturday…wait till you see this face!

For those that are looking for a smaller dog, we have Turnip and Harper. It was cute to see how attached Turnip has become to her foster, and how she would “sing” when she was out of sight!


When Harper originally joined us, he seemed quite quiet and timid. Well, Harper has developed a great little personality and seems to have quite a sense of humor.



Both Turnip and Harper would be a great addition to any family!




Finally, our newest addition is Peanut Butter. We were originally told that PB was a pit bull, but that certainly is not the case! Our guess is Akita or St. Bernard. Beautifully marked, he reminds us of a little bear!

Peanut Butter

So many puppies, and so much fun! But what a mess too!

If you have any old towels or extra leashes, we could sure use them. All these little guys aren’t crate trained yet so we’re going through a ton of pee pads and towels lately, and they love to chew up their leashes! So, if you have any extras, we’d sure appreciate you dropping them by! We’re at Centinela Feed on Lincoln, just South of Manchester on Saturdays from 11:00 – 3:00. Come and meet our pups!


Your Roving Reporter,



  1. Patti Says:

    What a bunch of sweeties!!!

    Here today, gone tomorrow…or soon after!!!

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