Thanksgiving News

For some reason, Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy one for the Squad! And this past weekend didn’t fail to disappointus, with great applications for several of our dogs! In excited anticipation of new homes for Christmas, our pups are being spayed and neutered this week. More news on new homes next time!
Each week, Carole, our Fearless Founder, leaves adoptions a little early to take those dogs that are being boarded back to their temporary home, our vet’s office. And, every once in awhile, Carole has been known to come back with a new edition!
Yes, it happened again this week!
Draco is one of the most gorgous Doberman pups I’ve ever seen.


About 6 months old, he was abandoned at the vet’s office; yet you would never know it – he is outgoing, a little goofy, and extremely loving. I can’t wait to spend some time with him!
Dawg Squad is taking this Saturday off. Hope to see you all at Centinela Feed Saturday December 10th!
Your Roving Reporter,

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