2012 – Off to a Good Start!

Our New Year started off in great Dawg style with our New Years Eve celebration!




And, we are happy to report that Flurry, Peanut Butter, and Jelly found forever homes with the New Year!
So what does the New Year bring for the Squad?
 Well, we are excited to kick off our new iniative – Seniors for Seniors!
Unfortunately there are many wonderful older dogs, whom for whatever reason, are homeless. Because of their age, they are overlooked at the shelters. But these are great dogs! They are already house trained and mannerly and don’t have all that annoying puppy behavior such as chewing and digging.
The benefits of pet companionship has been well documented in psychology and medical research. In fact, pets are especially beneficial to senior citizens. A perfect example is my 91 year old father who insists on not only walking, but taking his pit bull mix and former Squader, Mavis, for a drive every day!
So, we decided to do our part to help both senior dogs and people by rescuing good tempered older dogs from the shelters and making them available to senior citizens for a reduced donation.
We started by rescuing Archie. Archie is a tall, reddish colored lab mix who was greatly underweight and suffering from flea dematitis. The poor guy did have a family, who, for whatever reason, decided to give him up. Well, one of our wonderful volunteers stepped up to foster him, give him some TLC, a warm bed, and some good food. You should see Archie now–he’s gained quite a bit of weight and no longer has that forlorn look of abandonment. A very calm and gentle dog, Archie would make a great senior companion!
What else is new at the Squad? Well, you’ve got to stop by to meet Betty!

Ms. Betty

 This gorgeous girl is a Alapaha Blue Blood Bull Dog who loves people and loves life! You should see her with Mr. Winters–she is so patient with the little devil! All of the Squad volunteers have definitely fallen in love with Betty; and if our homes weren’t already full of dogs, I’m sure we would be fighting over who would be lucky enough to take Betty home.
If all this activity weren’t enough, we have been over-run by Chihuahuas! Tootsie, Brownie, Tuffy, and Teddy Bear lost their home when their person passed away. They really are cute little ones who, once they got over the shock of it all, have turned out to be very friendly.

Brownie and a Bully Stick

With these 4 plus Ivy and Noelle, those of you who have known the Squad for years would be quite surprised to stop by adoptions and see so many small dogs! Don’t despair – I’m sure we’ll be seeing a Rottie or two very soon!
Your Roving Reporter,

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2 Responses to “2012 – Off to a Good Start!”

  1. jean Says:

    I so look forward to reading your mail! You’re doing a great job!

  2. Patti Says:

    Hannah looks very happy wiith her hat, and Dwayne is very handsome in his tie!
    New challenges for 2012…go Dawgsquad!!!

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