How not to ride in a car

With all the puppies and chihuahas we’ve had over the past few months, sometimes our older, bigger dogs get overlooked.

Dwayne has been with us for quite a while, and frankly, we don’t understand why.

We rescued Dwayne from the East Valley Shelter where he was on his “last days.” Although only about 2, Dwayne acts kind of goofy, like an overgrown puppy.

Full of energy, he is always ready for a walk; or better yet, a nice run! And, he gives wonderful kisses! Granted, he needs some training on a leash, and his car-riding manners are absolutely horrible, but he is as friendly as he can be to both people and other dogs.

Dwayne does have one chronic medical problem–he has had seizures. Fortunately, however, the seizures have been brought under control with a very inexpensive medication that he takes once daily; he has been doing just fine!

Dwayne would be a great addition to an active family–and we would be more than happy to show anyone how to secure him properly in the car so this doesn’t happen!

Don't try this at home

Hope you’ll stop by to meet Dwayne and our other Dawgs Saturday at Centinela Feed located on Lincoln Blvd., just South of Manchester. We’ll be there from 11:00 to 3:00, rain or shine!

3 Responses to “How not to ride in a car”

  1. Patti Says:

    How did that big goof-off get himself up there???
    Mr. Winters is gazing wistfully …this photo is hilarious!

    Yes, where are Dwayne’s people????

  2. dawgsquad Says:

    He got up there quite effortlessly. He’s such a character. And as for Mr. Winters….I think he’s jealous

  3. jean Says:

    Love this write up as I do all the others. This is great and if I didn’t have the kennel I do, I would adopt him. Keep up the good work, these are bright spots in my day to read!

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