Mumford and Betty make Headlines

As you may have heard, Mumford is one of our special needs pups, with poor vision and hearing.

Although we have seen lots of progress in the little guy, we decided to have him checked out by a canine neurologist and we are happy to report that Mumford’s prognosis is good!

Although he will always have special needs and probably processes information differently than most dogs, we learned that he has some vision, some hearing and spatial perception!

Thank you to all our wonderful donors whose contributions made Mumford’s neurology consult possible!

And more good news for Mumford and our fabulous bull dog, Betty–they have both found their forever homes!  Of course we love all our Dawgs, but we get especially attached to some. Mumford and Betty are a couple of our favorites so we have tears in our eyes while smiling and wishing them and their new families all the happiness they deserve! (Mumford’s forever home visit picture next week…but here’s Betty!)

We think Betty found her perfect forever home!   Full-time belly rubs!

So, what’s next for the Squad? Zumba, our Mastiff, continues to gain weight and strength, however she has growths in both of her eyes that are probably very uncomfortable and severely limit her vision. These growths will have to be surgically removed. We are raising funds now and hope to schedule the surgery very soon.  If you’d like to help us help Betty, please go to

We’re also working with our new little Pit Bull, Oscar Lee, who came to us all the way from Colorado! Oscar Lee is very strong and full of energy. He rides nicely in the car and knows his commands, but he sure doesn’t like being in a crate at adoptions! Between him and our other new Pittie, Thunder, we’ve really got our hands full, but we’re having fun!

Coming soon….a new little Rottie pup!

Your Roving Reporter,


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