This week I wanted to highlight some of the smaller members of the Squad!

Noelle is a sweet little girl in a pink vest who, because she is so quiet, seems to get lost in the shuffle and is often overlooked at adoptions. A little larger than most of the Chihuahuas we’ve had, Noelle has a cute curled tail and doe-like eyes that kind of remind me of a little elf! She loves to play with small dogs and gets along with cats.

Brownie and Tuffy, along with several other Chihuahuas and cats, belonged to a lady who recently passed away. Brownie is the more friendly and outgoing of the two; Tuffy, more reserved.

Bailey is our most recent addition, given up by a person who just didn’t want a dog anymore! Poor guy really deserves a warm, loving home! Bailey is a very friendly little guy who likes everyone – people and dogs of all sizes.  He was so good with one of our pitbulls!

Then, we have Ivy, who has been with us longer than any of our other dawgs! Personally, I don’t think Ivy wants to be adopted; she is very happy where she is now, and she is very selective about making friends. I know she just loves her foster mom and wants to continue to rule over the cats and other dog at her foster home! Ivy is very loyal and loving…if you are lucky enough to have her choose you!

Finally, remember that Rottie pup I told you about last week? Well, it turns out that he is probably more Yorkie than Rottie! Another small dog!!

Are there any Rottie pups out there?

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