Spring is here! And along with Spring, of course, comes puppies! We’ve got some cuties, but this week I wanted to bring some attention to our adult “pit bulls.”

Why do I put “pit bulls” in quotations?

The Animal Farm Foundation did some research to find out how America defines a pit bull. What they discovered, is that this “label” greatly varies from place to place and even within the dog-loving community.

For example, a New York City Animal Care & Control Veterinarian said, “When I started here years ago, we called every dog a mutt. Now we just call them all pit bulls.”

The ASPCA may have put it best, stating, “Depending on whom you ask, it can refer to just a couple of breeds or to as many as five–and all mixes of these breeds. Because of the vagueness of the “pit bull” label, many people may have trouble recognizing a pit bull when they see one.”

In doing my own research, I found that most experts agree that “pit bulls” are one of the most genetically diverse dog breeds, with as many different characteristics and personalities that you would find in any other type of dog. Making assumptions about size, cropped ears or scars is as unreliable as making assumptions about people based upon their looks!

What is important is to observe behavior. And even that is difficult in such a stressful environment as adoption events.

What would you most likely observe if you visited our Dawg Squad “pitbulls?”


Bayou seems quite calm and reserved in her crate, but take her out for a walk, and she’ll get a gleam in her one beautiful blue eye and literally jump for joy!



Oscar Lee will look at you suspiciously and maybe even try to scare you off. But if you don’t back down, you’d find he’s very gentle and he loves car rides!



Thunder is aptly named. He is very enthusiastic, barking happily at everyone–and you should see him with the chihuahuas! He loves little dogs!


Finally, Bubbles is just an all-around good girl that loves walks, or even better, runs, and is great with kids.


Oh, I almost forgot, coming soon, Kay, a calm and gentle girl with the most beautiful champagne coloring and her 5 “pitbull” puppies!

So – everyone – considering adding a dog to your family? Please–consider a “pit bull’!


Your Roving Reporter,


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