We had a fantastic time at adoptions last Saturday! What made it extra special?
Well, it is always fabulous when our Dawgs come back to visit and we had a special visit from Zumba and her new partner Groucho! You may have heard that when Zumba came to us she was severely underweight and depressed. Well, you should see her now–I hardly recognized her.  Actually, I didn’t recognize her–it was only after I saw Grocho, who is absolutely the biggest Mastiff I’ve ever seen, that I realized it was Zumba–so healthy and happy! It is moments like this that makes our work so special!
Also last Saturday we had several new volunteers join us! It’s always great when lots of volunteers turn out because that gives us the most opportunity to have the dogs out of their crates, providing them with much needed socialization and more positive exposure to potential adopters! So, thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, new ones and old timers, and a special thank you to Jean, our Volunteer Director, for doing such a great job in welcoming and orienting new Dawg people!  We love you Jean!
And this Saturday….more reunions!  Finnick (now Frankie) and Ilene (now Midori) both came to visit!    Look how much Frankie has grown!
Until next time!
Your roving reporter Helen

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