“Born on the Bayou”

It was a busy but wonderful week for the Squad, with applications for several dogs, including all three of our chocolate puppies, but some of our best dogs still seem to be overlooked!






One of those who always seems to be passed by is Bayou, our beautiful girl with one gorgeous blue eye and a coat of patches in varying colors of gray.

She is young, less than 2 years old and very smart. Recently Bayou’s wonderful foster mom told us about two enounters while on out on walks. On one occasion, a mother with a baby in a stroller stopped to say hello. When the baby started crying, Bayou very gently layed her head down on the baby as if trying to calm or sympathize with her!

On the other occasion, Bayou and her foster mom were walking past a group home for disabled people, many of whom were outside on their lawn with a caregiver. Several of the disabled people wanted to greet Bayou. So, in a very polite way, she went up to each individual, greeted them, and then sat down in a circle with them, as if joining the group! Maybe, since Bayou has only eye  she was identifying with these folks? We will never know, but one thing is clear–Bayou is a good dog who deserves a good forever home!

On another note, a great big THANK YOU to Cindy, our fabulous volunteer, for taking the lead in creating a new look for Dawg Squad adoptions!



Please stop by any Saturday between 11:00 – 3:00 at Centinela Feed on Lincoln Blvd., just South of Manchester and check out our fancy new look and Dawg Store!

And don’t forget to take time to meet Bayou, Ivy, Goofus, Bubbles, Dumpling, and all our other great dogs!

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