Why? We keep asking ourselves….WHY?

Sometimes a girl just can’t get a break…
Bubbles is fabulous…she is beautiful…she is smart…she loves all people…she loves male dogs (especially if they are handsome blue pitbulls)…she loves going on walks…she loves car rides….she is only a year old….

Why doesn’t she have a home yet????  This is the question we ask ourselves all the time!
Bubbles is probably a pointer/pit mix. She is very sleek looking with great brown and white markings and she really is everything I’ve mentioned above.

We understand that some people have concerns about a larger dog, especially pitbull mixes. Some people have reservations about making a lifelong commitment. We get that too.

That’s why we have our foster program!

If you or someone you know isn’t sure that they want to make a decision right away, fostering is a great option! Dawg Squad pays for dog food and vet care. All you need to add is love, walks, and play, and bring the dog to adoptions events!

So, if  you would be interested in fostering (or better yet, adopting) Bubbles or any of our other great dogs, give us a call!

We won’t be at Centinela Feed this Saturday. Instead, we will be at Pet Post USA Adoptions Event in Long Beach on Sunday. The event is located at Good Neighbor Park, 2800 Studebaker Road, Long Beach and we will be there from 10:00 – 3:00. Bubbles won’t be there, but some of our other great dawgs, like Bayou, Dwayne, Kay Bug, and Kincaid will be. Hope to see you there!





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