Do You Believe?

Sometimes we have to stop and take a moment to appreciate the little blessings.

Many of you know our wonderful volunteers Vince and Jean.

Well, awhile back when Vince went to get his haircut, the shop owner mentioned that she was having a tough time due in part to lack of good help at the shop.


Vince, being a spiritual man, said he would say a prayer for her. About three days later, the shop owner found the staff she needed.

On his most recent visit for a cut, the shop owner handed Vince a flyer about a missing dog. The shop owner said that she sometimes rescues dogs she finds on the street and finds them homes.

The dog in the flyer was one that she had originally found as a small puppy. She found a home for the dog, but something kept bothering her; she kept thinking and praying about the dog and worried that she didn’t find the right home for him.

Recently she called the people she had placed the dog with to check on him and was told that the dog had run away. Therefore, she made the flyer and kept praying in hope she could find him safe.

Back on July 4th, a stray dog ran up to one of Vince and Jean’s daughters, who although she isn’t nearly the lover of dogs that her parents are, took an immediate liking to the stocky brown sharpei with the biggest and shiniest golden eyes you’d ever want to see!

Needless to say, Jean and Vince took the dog in, named him Pei Pal, and Dawg Squad had a new        addition to our family!

So, getting back to Vince getting his hair cut. When Vince saw the photo of the dog on the flyer, guess who it was…Pei Pal!

Seems that some prayers were answered!  Especially Pei Pal’s…he was finally safe  and was being loved.

Please stop by to meet Pei Pal on Saturday at Centinela Feed on Lincoln Blvd., just South of Manchester. He’ll be there from about 11:00 to 3:00.   He’s a friendly guy who is well behaved, fully house trained and gets along well with other dogs. And you’ve got to see those golden eyes!

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