New Digs for the Dawgs

We are happy to announce that the Squad has moved to a fabulous new location–Unleased by Petco–located in Ladera Center, 5325 West Centinela, Los Angeles.
This is a beautiful store with a very friendly staff–they have a great selection of collars, leashes, toys, and treats…and cute little outfits for our chihuahua and poodle-type friends! What’s best is that we are inside, giving us all a break from the “dog-days” of summer!

This Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to meet: Kay Bug, the most sweet and gentle pitbull in the whole universe!

Dumpling, our “tough-guy” with the heart of gold!

Goofus, our good ‘ol boy!




Jordan, a beautiful Rottie/Golden mix!

Bubbles, with a personality to match her name!











Edwin and Noelle, our chihuahua ambassadors!



















And our new kid Bobby!  A 7 year old Rottie/Chow mix eligible for our SENIORS FOR SENIORS PROGRAM









And probably a lot more.   We never know!

We’ll  all be there every Saturday from 10:30 – 2:30.

Your Roving Reporter,


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