It’s all GOOD news!

We’ve been really busy at the Squad lately!

First, we’re happy to report that Tidbit, Cowgirl, Ernie, Tillie, and Pickles have found their forever homes!

Tidbit chilling in her new home




Then, we have our new additions: Sundae, a white, scruffy little girl with a wild side–she has a bright pink mohawk!

And, meet Huru, our gentle and friendly Rottie! Huru means “freedom” in Swahili–we named her that because we know how happy she is to be free from the neglectful home she was in!

And HUGE THANKS to our wonderful dog walker, Amy, who has been walking our dogs in boarding, Dumpling, Bubbles, Bobby, and Huru. What a great difference it has made in their lives!

Dumpling has become way more social and Bubbles–well, you should have seen her at adoptions last Saturday–she was the life of the party!  WE LOVE YOU AMY   ♥♥♥

Don’t forget, no adoptions this Saturday! Why? BOWLING FOR COLLARS ON SUNDAY!! It’s great fun and a great way to raise money for our dawgs!  Driving from the Vally and afraid of Carmaggedon?  Do what I’m doing–take one of the canyons and enjoy the ride!

Hope to see you Sunday!

P.S. – More new guys joining the Squad! Stop by Saturday at Unleashed By Petco in Ladera Heights to meet Gypsy and Mumbles! And, who knows who else!!

Roving Reporter



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