Dear Santa,

The Dawgs of the Squad are all looking forward to Christmas! Of course, what they want most is a loving forever home. But what else do they want?

Sundae – a trip to a hair salon – all my pink washed out!

sundae happy face
Noelle – a Christmas party that I could invite all my friend to!

Bubbles – a date with Oscar Lee

bubbles photo 1
Oscar Lee – a double bacon cheeseburger! oscar photo 2




Pooky – another kitten to play with…I miss Snack!

pooky and snack
Bobby – a day in the park with Patrick would be best

bobby great sit profile
Tubbs – I want to be King of the World!    tubbs in bin





Mumbles – toys, toys, and more toys!

mumbles front stand




Rebuy – a nice, new, comfortable bed would be nice

rebuy with terri

Bridgette –  Would a pair of eyeglasses help me see better?

bridgette photographer


Kincaid – LOTS of friends to play with!     kincaid happy
Bayou – I would like to stay home on Saturdays. I’m very tired of adoption events

.bayou cute 1
Britney – Kisses!Photo on 2012-11-10 at 18.52 #2
Dwayne – I want to go to school so I can be smart! dwayne adorable for thumb
Kay Bug – I have just about everything–lots of people that love me, great dog friends, and I get to go places all the time.

kay but at ferris wheel

Maybe I might like a fashionable new sweater to wear on all my travels and so I look extra nice for my photo shoots.


Doc – Well, I’m just a little guy! I’m not sure what I want but I’m sure whatever Santa brings me would be very nice!

DOC DOESN’T HAVE A PHOTO YET BUT STAND BY… he’s a 9 week old chihuahua mix

Can you help make our Christmas wishes come true?

Please visit us Saturday at Unleashed by Petco in Ladera Center! We’ll be there from about 11:00 – 3:00.


One Response to “Dear Santa,”

  1. jean Says:

    Loved, loved, loved this blog! Altho I have to say, for Doc to be a 9 wk old chihauhua mix is interesting. Pit bull, yes……..I am missing something for sure!

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