The Puggle’s Story

For being only 6 months old, Rocco had been through quite a bit.   The little guy came to us suffering from “cherry eye.”
rocco for thumb
Officially known as Nictitans Gland Prolapse, this conditions effects a dog’s third eyelid (dogs have 3; people, 2). Their tearglands somehow get out of position, causing severe redness, swelling, and irritation. It is unknown why this happens, but is more often seen in Beagles, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, and a few other breeds.  Left untreated, painful eye ulcers may develop and surgery is required to reposition the tear glands.
We couldn’t let Rocco wait for long to get his surgery and we are happy to report that Rocco had successful surgery on both of his eyes on January 9th!
He had a quick recovery and his winning personality had him adopted within a week.   Rocco is living with a great guy and another Puggle in West Hollywood.
rocco home1
Rocco’s surgery, of course, was expensive, so we would appreciate any and all donations towards the cost!
If you would like to help out Rocco, please click on  Rocco and all the Squad  is very thankful for all donations, both large and small!
And here’s another way to help the Squad! Tamagotchi Spirit is celebrating hometown heros and our Founder, Carole, is a nominee! The winner’s organization will receive a $5,000 donation!
So, please click on and vote for Carole! The race is close, so vote everyday and help Dawg Squad win $5,000!
Your Roving Reporter,

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