Busy, busy, busy!

We’ve had lots going on at the Squad lately!

First, thanks to everyone who joined us at our First Annual Poker For Puppies!  We all had a great time overlooking the beach at the beautiful Loew’s Santa Monica Hotel while playing poker – all for the benefit of the Dawg Squad! Very special thanks to our friends at West LA Poker for organizing and putting on such a great event!

We are also very excited to report that our long time Dawg Squaders Bubbles and Kincaid have been adopted!

bub home

kincaid pounces ball


Now, Oscar Lee, Dwayne, Bobby and Bayou, it is your turn!

Finally, we want to introduce our newest dawgs–Nola, Catelyn, Robb, Haley, Nessie, and Connie!

Nola is a very loving and playful pup who is great with all other dogs. She is just as happy to bounce around and play or sit in your lap and give you lots of hugs and kisses!



cate stand front


robb baby pic

Catelyn and her puppy Robb are Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) and Chihuahua mixes. Xolos are a very proud, independent working breed, quite different in personality than that of Chihuahuas. Catelyn is the more reserved of the pair and quite protective of her puppy. Robb is so cute, with a shiny black coat and big eyes!

haley on grass cute

Haley is a 4 month old Rottie mixed with, well, who knows–but she will be a big girl! She is very sweet and plays well with other dogs.

connie adorable

Connie is our newest addition. Connie is a Rottie pup with special needs. She was born without a complete intestinal system. She had surgery done to correct the problem, but, unfortunately, she may not be able to completely gain bowel control. But Connie doesn’t know she has special needs! She is very loving and playful and very sweetly tolerates diaper changes!

nessie on floor

Finally, Nessie is a very gentle, sensative AmStaff who was so good with other dogs that she was used as a “temperment tester” at the shelter she came from. Nessie has quickly become a Dawg Squad favorite!

So, come out to meet Nola, Catelyn, Robb, Haley, Nessie, Connie and the rest of the Dawg Squad Dawgs! We will be at Unleased by Petco in Ladera Center Saturday March 23rd from about 11:00 – 2:30.

And the following Saturday, April 6th, we will be making a special appearance at Council Thrift Shop located at 12120 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles between 11:00 – 2:30.

Come meet our dogs and find some treasures at the Thrift Shop at the same time!

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