Popcorn Takes Over The Squad

Lately at the Squad it’s all been about Popcorn!

Just a few weeks ago,we just couldn’t resist the photos we saw of this chubby pink dog with a blue and yellow scarf.

Actually, she looked more like a little pig than a dog! We immediately had to run down to Harbor Animal Shelter to meet her and we immediately fell in love!

Popcorn really was pinker that her photos–in fact, she was neon pink due to a non-contagious form of mange that causes painful sores and loss of hair. It is very curable but requires a very long course of medication. Thanks to our kind and generous supporters, we were able to raise the funds to rescue her! And we are all so happy we did!

Popcorn had to stay at our vet’s for a couple of weeks due to a bad case of kennel cough along with the mange. But despite being hospitalized for so long, she happily greeted everyone she met. And once she was allowed to join the rest of the world–well, WOW!

When she jumped in the back seat of our car, she rolled and wiggled around on her back, snorting with joy, just like a little pig! When we walked from the car into Unleashed by Petco, well, she literally stopped traffic twice!

One lady stopped in the middle of the parking lot, with cars waiting behind her, to meet Popcorn and take a photo; and a little later, a young guy who looked just too cool to get excited about anything jumped out of his car (again with traffic behind him) to ask about her!  And once in the store she acted like quite the celebrity (or politician), excited to meet all!

Popcorn had never had any training, so we thought we would all be exhausted by the end of the day after dealing with such energy and exuberance, but a couple of our younger and stronger volunteers worked with her throughout the day and she quickly began to learn her manners!

Medication had been effective in resolving Popcorn’s kennel cough and her hair is starting to come in nicely–she is becoming less pink and looks at this point that she is probably going to be white with maybe some fawn patches. But the road will be a long one.
One of LA’s finest professional photographers, Lori Fusaro has jumped on the Popcorn bandwagon and has offered to donate 25% of all proceeds for photography sessions booked during June and July to help Popcorn and the rest of the Dawg Squad dogs! So, please take this perfect opportunity to have some great professional photography done of your best friends and help Popcorn at the same time!

lori fusaro flyer



Notice to all Popcorn fans–she will be appearing at Unleashed by Petco in Ladera Center this Saturday from 11:00 – 2:30. Hope to see you there!

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