Happy Holidays

This time of year provides many ways to reflect on who we are and what we have accomplished during the past year. It is a time in which we celebrate the New Year and wish each other health and happiness.   It is also a time to think of others and about giving to organizations that we know do great work in our community.

As you make your choices on where to give, please consider giving to the Dawg Squad, a grassroots organization of volunteers that strives to help those who are often passed over by other rescues or the public because of their age, breed, size or just because they are kind of “funky” looking.


In 2013 Dawg Squad rescued 53 dogs from the streets of Los Angeles, from City and County shelters and/or from people who just didn’t want them anymore.    Of those 53 dogs, 8 were special needs or needed medical attention and 6 were seniors.

brig in pjs

rusty sit

Maxine, Cookie, Connie, Sarge, Gertie…..thank you!

cookie front viewmaxine front stand



connie 1







gertie side sit








And we don’t give up…we had Oscar Lee and Kincaid for almost 2 years.   They found awesome homes!

oscar happy ever afterKINCAID AT HOME








Very few people like to ask for donations, but if we do not ask we will not receive the donations needed to help even more dogs.  If each of you reading this gives a few dollars you will know that you have helped us help the dogs of Los Angeles.

Wishing you and your families a healthy and peaceful holiday season.

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