Bobby Speaks

Hello.    I’m Bobby.bobby sit

In August of 2012 I was feeling kinda down in the dumps.   I’d been at the WLA shelter for quite awhile and it was getting old.

And then this lady came to see me.   I wasn’t very nice to her.   I growled and had attitude and then I ignored her when she tried to talk to me.    But for some reason, she took me out of the shelter and took me to her vet.

bobby profile
Yea…that was a BLAST.  Let me be clear….I DO NOT LIKE VETS!    But no one gave up on me, no matter how bad I was.

See, these people, called Dawg Squad, just don’t put up with attitude.   They give you this look and you know they mean business.     I learned to walk on a leash nicely and let SOME people hug me…not everyone…just some people.

I even got adopted!   But then I screwed up and chased the cat and was really mean to the pet sitter so I came back.   It wasn’t all my fault.   The people didn’t get me.    I’m my own man and I do things on my own time and you have to have some patience.

Dawg Squad wasn’t mad.   They just kept taking me to adoptions (I’m very quiet there…they like that) and taking me on hikes and stuff like that.

bobby 2 2 13


That lady who took me out of the shelter decided that I’d been in the boarding kennel long enough and she took me home.     Now I have puppies to play with and there are two really pretty girlie Rotties there and one boy Rottie who doesn’t like me much but that’s OK.


And I’m learning more stuff.  I’m learning how to act in a house and to have patience and take turns getting walks and I’m learning that letting someone boss me around can be kinda nice.    I don’t have to worry; this lady tells me what to do and I do it and she tells me I’m a good boy and says “thank you”.

So NOW maybe I can be adopted by someone who will get me like this lady gets me.

I’m actually a pretty cool guy.bobbyCome see me at Dawg Squad adoptions.
Unleashed by Petco
5325 W Centinela Ave
Los Angeles,90045
10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

One Response to “Bobby Speaks”

  1. Patti Says:

    DawgSquad NEVER gives up on their dogs!
    Thanks for giving Bobby something extra, so he has a better chance of finding a forever home…what a handsome guy he is!

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