It’s been a great start in the New Year for Dawg Squad, with Minnie, Duvel, Birthday, Rooster, and Pearl finding their fabulous forever families!
Minnie with her new family

Minnie with her new family

Duvel with his new friends and family

Duvel with his new friends and family

Birthday with her new parents

Birthday with her new parents

And have you met our fabulous little family from Arkansas?


opie and becca

This is Qiana and her pups Becca Sue and Opie!  When a family member of our Founder heard about the plight of Qiana and her pups, they drove all the way from LA to Arkansas to rescue them from a terrible fate!
Qiana is a young Great Dane and Plott Hound mix, and is extremely friendly and loving! Becca Sue and Opie’s father is a purebred Catahoula. The pups, born 11/24/14, will be huge and both have spunky little personalities! Becca Sue has that beautiful gray Catahoula coloring and Opie is black with a spot of white.
You can meet Quiana, her pups, and our other Dawgs at Unleashed By Petco in Ladera Center Saturday between 10:00 and 1:30.  Hope to see you there!
And when Hollywood calls, Dawg Squad listens!    Our boy Ricky got a call to appear in a video shoot with Hip Hop Star 7 Crownz.   He had a blast and we think the cast and crew of the video fell in love with our handsome Rottweiler
Are you thinking about adopting a dog, but are unsure about making a lifetime commitment? Are you afraid that you cannot afford a dog? Are you interested in helping The Squad in a way that we need most?
Well, please consider fostering!
Our ability to rescue dogs from the streets and high-kill shelters is limited by our ability to find foster homes. Fostering helps the dogs by giving them love and socialization while giving our fosters the opportunity to become familiar with having a dog, or add a dog to their pack, without a long-term committment. We provide the dog with their food, bed, leash, collar, and vet care–all you have to do is provide love and agree to bring your foster to adoption events! If you are interested in fostering, please let us know!
oleg great face

Oleg needs a foster

sonia cute face

Sonia needs a foster


honey fb face

Honey needs a foster. Should be an only dog


ricky amazing

Ricky needs a foster


Helen – Dawg Squad Volunteer


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