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February 1, 2015
It’s been a great start in the New Year for Dawg Squad, with Minnie, Duvel, Birthday, Rooster, and Pearl finding their fabulous forever families!
Minnie with her new family

Minnie with her new family

Duvel with his new friends and family

Duvel with his new friends and family

Birthday with her new parents

Birthday with her new parents

And have you met our fabulous little family from Arkansas?


opie and becca

This is Qiana and her pups Becca Sue and Opie!  When a family member of our Founder heard about the plight of Qiana and her pups, they drove all the way from LA to Arkansas to rescue them from a terrible fate!
Qiana is a young Great Dane and Plott Hound mix, and is extremely friendly and loving! Becca Sue and Opie’s father is a purebred Catahoula. The pups, born 11/24/14, will be huge and both have spunky little personalities! Becca Sue has that beautiful gray Catahoula coloring and Opie is black with a spot of white.
You can meet Quiana, her pups, and our other Dawgs at Unleashed By Petco in Ladera Center Saturday between 10:00 and 1:30.  Hope to see you there!
And when Hollywood calls, Dawg Squad listens!    Our boy Ricky got a call to appear in a video shoot with Hip Hop Star 7 Crownz.   He had a blast and we think the cast and crew of the video fell in love with our handsome Rottweiler
Are you thinking about adopting a dog, but are unsure about making a lifetime commitment? Are you afraid that you cannot afford a dog? Are you interested in helping The Squad in a way that we need most?
Well, please consider fostering!
Our ability to rescue dogs from the streets and high-kill shelters is limited by our ability to find foster homes. Fostering helps the dogs by giving them love and socialization while giving our fosters the opportunity to become familiar with having a dog, or add a dog to their pack, without a long-term committment. We provide the dog with their food, bed, leash, collar, and vet care–all you have to do is provide love and agree to bring your foster to adoption events! If you are interested in fostering, please let us know!
oleg great face

Oleg needs a foster

sonia cute face

Sonia needs a foster


honey fb face

Honey needs a foster. Should be an only dog


ricky amazing

Ricky needs a foster


Helen – Dawg Squad Volunteer


The Story of Shalom

October 5, 2013

Most of our blogs are about dogs that are available for adoption.  THIS blog is the story of Shalom, who has been in Dawg Squad for almost 11 years.

Shalom came into Dawg Squad as an adorable 5 month old puppy.

shalom baby

Her first day at adoptions, she bit a volunteer.    “Well”, we thought, “that was weird”.   Not so weird.    She was adopted out 3 times and was returned every time for “behavioral problems”.

Yea…Shalom has a few screws loose.

She can stare at a blank wall and bark at nothing.

shalom sponge bob good

She loves to watch television – her favorite show is “Sponge Bob, Square Pants”.

She will only eat her food out of a ceramic bowl…no stainless steel for this girl.

We have a double diner for water in the kitchen – she will only drink out of the right side bowl.

shalom hat

But how can you NOT love a dog that lets you dress her up in silly hats?

shalom and stuffy

Or look so cute with a stuffy.

shalom at the beach

She does love Dog Beach.

No humans bother her there and Shalom is good with other dogs….mostly.  It’s just humans she is not fond of.

So Shalom is here to stay!  

And we don’t think we drew the short straw!        How can you NOT love this face.


Our Little Ladies’ Man

August 23, 2013

Isn’t Angelo looking handsome in his smart suit and tie!


Quite a lady’s man, Angelo is not only handsome, but loving and loyal.

There is nothing he would like more than walks on the beach or spending cozy evenings at home curled up by the fireplace, watching an old movie or listening to Frank Sinatra.

Is Angelo the just the guy for you? Meet him Saturday at Unleashed by Petco in Ladera Center. He’ll be there between 11:00 and 2:30, just waiting to meet you!

The Zada Chronicles….by Kelley

July 29, 2013

My boyfriend and I (and our own personal dogs) have been fostering rescue dogs for 11 years now. 

In fact, our boy Jack, was our first.  We obviously couldn’t let him go, but with some practice, we’ve been able to learn how to say goodbye when the time comes, and how to be happy for those we’ve helped find their way into new homes.

We’ve fostered dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes, ages, and personalities.  Some needed more help than others.  Anya came to us with cigarette burns on her head and wanted nothing to do with myself and Daniel.  I give all the credit for her turnaround to Jack and Norah; they showed her what it was like to be happy and secure, and welcomed Anya into their pack right away.

Clover was so scared she wouldn’t stand up at the city shelter where I found her.  She urinated all over herself.  I remember seeing the surprise on the kennel staff’s face when I told them I wanted her.

Biggs came to us obese and shut down.  She didn’t interact with any of us for several weeks, and couldn’t even walk around the block at first, but eventually, she became my shadow.  My heart still bursts when I think of the first day she actually ran with my dogs off-leash on our morning walk by the L.A. River.

Yesterday we met Zada. 

I had seen her posted on Facebook; she had many fans at the South L.A. Shelter and her time was up.  She was an “evidence” dog there, but we don’t know the details.  She gave birth to three pups while incarcerated; they were all adopted or rescued, but Zada remained.  Scared and stressed, she was only sweet with everyone she met, but distant and sad.  Not knowing what we were really in for (we never are), Daniel and I committed to bringing her home and giving her what she needs to be happy again.  Or at least that’s the hope.

Day One:  I picked up Zada at Dawg Squad’s vet’s office.  She spent a few days there getting spayed, getting her teeth cleaned, and getting antibiotics for a skin infection.  (At the age of 7, one can just imagine how many litters of pups she’s had in her lifetime – I wonder where they all are now?)

She’s about 75 lbs., and could stand to lose a few, but when she doesn’t want to walk, well, she doesn’t.

zada car 1

She was carried to my car and silent all the way home.  Amazingly, in our driveway, she decided to walk into the back yard, which both myself and my back were grateful for.  She has her own little room off of our kitchen, safely out of reach from Jack, who would never bother her anyway, and Nessie, our other foster dog, an amazing little Pit mix who is all wags and kisses for everyone she meets.

But Zada doesn’t know that yet.  She’s done a little growling, a little eating, and a lot of sleeping.  I’m pretty sure she’s never slept on a dog bed until now.  And I’m pretty sure we will continue to meet Zada over and over again, each day a little bit different, a little bit more herself.

zada bed

Stay tuned.


They are all special but ……

July 24, 2013

It’s no secret that Dawg Squad is partial to Special Needs dogs–we find it hard to resist a dog with a missing or broken part! So, we thought it might be a good idea to update you on the status of those special dogs still looking for their perfect forever home.

Bayou, our beautiful girl with only one clear blue eye, has been looking for her forever home the longest of all.

bayou adorable

Although born with only one eye, it doesn’t effect her vision at all as she seems to gaze at you in a very thoughtful manner! Although good with most larger male dogs, Bayou would probably be happiest in an only one dog household with no cats and very high fences or an apartment. She is quite athletic and could easily jump most fences!

Connie is our 6 month old Rottie who was born with an incomplete intestinal system, resulting in bowel incontinence.

connie 1

We are thrilled to report that a special diet restricted to duck and peas has made a huge difference and we are hoping for continued progress as she grows. Connie is gorgeous, very sweet and gentle and tolerates diaper changes very patiently!

Bridgette is our 7 pound scruffy terrier with juvenile cataracts in both eyes.

brig in pjs

As a result of these cataracts, she is gradually losing her vision and surgery is not an option for her. Quite a little personality, Bridgette seems to look forward to weekly adoption events where she happily takes on our biggest dogs! Bridgette is great with all small dogs and cats, but probably would not be happy living with small children.

Our latest Dawg Squader is Happy, another small scruffy terrier, similar in appearance to Bridgette.

cute face

She came to us from one of the LA shelters with a broken leg. We have no idea how the leg was broken, but we don’t think she was abused because she is, well, as Happy as she can be, and seems to love all dogs, big and small, and is fine with cats too.

Finally, we can’t forget my personal fave, Popcorn!

popcorn with kong 2

We are happy to report that Popcorn’s mange condition continues to improve, but she still has some pink spots and may have some further allergies that aggravate her skin. Popcorn continues to be full of joy and love and is quite the handful! She is still working on her manners!
None of these dogs know they have “special needs.” All they really want is some love, a warm bed, and good food to eat.

Please consider adding a “special” dog to your home!


Your Roving Reporter,


2013 – The First 6 months ROCKED

July 8, 2013

We’ve been so busy at the Squad, we can’t believe 2013 is already half over.   We are thrilled to report that so far this year we have found wonderful homes for 29 dogs!  

Included in the 29 is one of our long term Squaders, Oscar Lee!

Oscar Lee came a long way, starting from Denver, Colorado, where he didn’t stand a chance due to breed specific legislation. 2 years of “tough love” from our fabulous volunteers, especially Darrell, Patrick, and Terri; lots of exercise with our wonderful dog walker Amy, and a little spoiling from yours truly turned the formerly grumpy Oscar into quite a gentleman and he is now living the good life with a young couple in Hollywood!   We love you, Oscar Lee!

Oscar Lee with his new people

Oscar Lee with his new people

So what’s next for the Squad?

Well, two of our large, older dogs, Bobby and Rebuy, are still waiting patiently for their forever homes, as are our lovely adult females, Bayou and Nessie.  



For those who prefer small dogs, we have some great little guys, Pooky, Trooper, Noelle, Bridgette, Sundae, Catelyn, and Robb.

Pooky and Bridgette

Pooky and Bridgette

And of course, we have puppies! Lots and lots of puppies!

Sparky and Gravy are both beautiful, well-behaved pups who have been having a rollicking time playing together at our Founder’s home along with Connie, our special needs Rottie.  

















We named a gorgeous blue and white litter of pitbull/mastiff puppies after the great staff at Unleashed by Petco–Dan, Keillen, Jenn, and Tracy. Dan is by far the biggest, and yes, he is the manager; but it is Tracy, the spunky, beautiful female, that really leads the pack!

cute pic

Oh, yes, we can’t forget Popcorn! We are delighted to report that Popcorn’s skin is improving dramatically, and she is losing her bright pink appearance. But, boy, does she have a bright, pink personality! You just have to come and meet her!



Check out ALL the amazing Squad dogs at    Lisa is an amazing photographer who volunteers her time taking pictures of rescue dogs.   Thank you Lisa!

We will not be at Unleashed by Petco on Saturday, July 13th. Instead, we will be at Good Neighbor Park located at 2800 N. Studebaker, Long Beach, on Sunday, July 14th for a special community adoptions event. Please stop by anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. We will have lots of great dogs for you to meet and we are told that there will be a special drawing for a $100 Visa gift card! Come by to say hi, and you may meet you new best friend and win $100!




Busy, busy, busy!

March 21, 2013

We’ve had lots going on at the Squad lately!

First, thanks to everyone who joined us at our First Annual Poker For Puppies!  We all had a great time overlooking the beach at the beautiful Loew’s Santa Monica Hotel while playing poker – all for the benefit of the Dawg Squad! Very special thanks to our friends at West LA Poker for organizing and putting on such a great event!

We are also very excited to report that our long time Dawg Squaders Bubbles and Kincaid have been adopted!

bub home

kincaid pounces ball


Now, Oscar Lee, Dwayne, Bobby and Bayou, it is your turn!

Finally, we want to introduce our newest dawgs–Nola, Catelyn, Robb, Haley, Nessie, and Connie!

Nola is a very loving and playful pup who is great with all other dogs. She is just as happy to bounce around and play or sit in your lap and give you lots of hugs and kisses!



cate stand front


robb baby pic

Catelyn and her puppy Robb are Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) and Chihuahua mixes. Xolos are a very proud, independent working breed, quite different in personality than that of Chihuahuas. Catelyn is the more reserved of the pair and quite protective of her puppy. Robb is so cute, with a shiny black coat and big eyes!

haley on grass cute

Haley is a 4 month old Rottie mixed with, well, who knows–but she will be a big girl! She is very sweet and plays well with other dogs.

connie adorable

Connie is our newest addition. Connie is a Rottie pup with special needs. She was born without a complete intestinal system. She had surgery done to correct the problem, but, unfortunately, she may not be able to completely gain bowel control. But Connie doesn’t know she has special needs! She is very loving and playful and very sweetly tolerates diaper changes!

nessie on floor

Finally, Nessie is a very gentle, sensative AmStaff who was so good with other dogs that she was used as a “temperment tester” at the shelter she came from. Nessie has quickly become a Dawg Squad favorite!

So, come out to meet Nola, Catelyn, Robb, Haley, Nessie, Connie and the rest of the Dawg Squad Dawgs! We will be at Unleased by Petco in Ladera Center Saturday March 23rd from about 11:00 – 2:30.

And the following Saturday, April 6th, we will be making a special appearance at Council Thrift Shop located at 12120 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles between 11:00 – 2:30.

Come meet our dogs and find some treasures at the Thrift Shop at the same time!

So many questions….we have the answer!

March 5, 2013

Are you one who is always up for a challenging game of poker?

Ever want to play in a poker tournament but were intimidated by the pros?

Ever want to just get together with a bunch of friendly people for a Sunday afternoon of poker?

Don’t have any idea how to play poker but would like to learn?

Don’t really care much about poker but want to help homeless dogs?

Just looking for something to do next Sunday afternoon?

Well we have the answer to all the above and just the event for YOU.

We would like to invite you to our Spring Fundraiser, POKER FOR PUPPIES!

poker for puppies

Free Valet Parking!



Helen – Your Roving Reporter

Poker for Puppies

January 22, 2013

poker for puppies

The Puggle’s Story

January 16, 2013
For being only 6 months old, Rocco had been through quite a bit.   The little guy came to us suffering from “cherry eye.”
rocco for thumb
Officially known as Nictitans Gland Prolapse, this conditions effects a dog’s third eyelid (dogs have 3; people, 2). Their tearglands somehow get out of position, causing severe redness, swelling, and irritation. It is unknown why this happens, but is more often seen in Beagles, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, and a few other breeds.  Left untreated, painful eye ulcers may develop and surgery is required to reposition the tear glands.
We couldn’t let Rocco wait for long to get his surgery and we are happy to report that Rocco had successful surgery on both of his eyes on January 9th!
He had a quick recovery and his winning personality had him adopted within a week.   Rocco is living with a great guy and another Puggle in West Hollywood.
rocco home1
Rocco’s surgery, of course, was expensive, so we would appreciate any and all donations towards the cost!
If you would like to help out Rocco, please click on  Rocco and all the Squad  is very thankful for all donations, both large and small!
And here’s another way to help the Squad! Tamagotchi Spirit is celebrating hometown heros and our Founder, Carole, is a nominee! The winner’s organization will receive a $5,000 donation!
So, please click on and vote for Carole! The race is close, so vote everyday and help Dawg Squad win $5,000!
Your Roving Reporter,