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Forget about Black Friday….it’s all about BARK SATURDAY

November 25, 2013


2 Bark Saturday-2

The Story of Shalom

October 5, 2013

Most of our blogs are about dogs that are available for adoption.  THIS blog is the story of Shalom, who has been in Dawg Squad for almost 11 years.

Shalom came into Dawg Squad as an adorable 5 month old puppy.

shalom baby

Her first day at adoptions, she bit a volunteer.    “Well”, we thought, “that was weird”.   Not so weird.    She was adopted out 3 times and was returned every time for “behavioral problems”.

Yea…Shalom has a few screws loose.

She can stare at a blank wall and bark at nothing.

shalom sponge bob good

She loves to watch television – her favorite show is “Sponge Bob, Square Pants”.

She will only eat her food out of a ceramic bowl…no stainless steel for this girl.

We have a double diner for water in the kitchen – she will only drink out of the right side bowl.

shalom hat

But how can you NOT love a dog that lets you dress her up in silly hats?

shalom and stuffy

Or look so cute with a stuffy.

shalom at the beach

She does love Dog Beach.

No humans bother her there and Shalom is good with other dogs….mostly.  It’s just humans she is not fond of.

So Shalom is here to stay!  

And we don’t think we drew the short straw!        How can you NOT love this face.


Special is our Specialty

September 18, 2013

In case you hadn’t noticed, Dawg Squad has a soft spot for dogs with special needs.

Meet Popcorn and Sarge

popcorn with kong 2

sarge look up

These two genial dogs were very neglected in their former lives.   Both were neglected and left outside and their skin suffered….they have demodectic mange. 

Popcorn is just about done with her treatment and is looking pretty spiffy.   Sarge has only been with us for a few weeks and still is not looking his best BUT he will soon….very soon.
connie 1
And Ms. Connie has come along way since she came into Dawg Squad as a very sick puppy.

She was born with artresia ani which necessitated some major surgery at a pretty young age and caused her to not know when she had to go potty.    With the help of some special vets, Connie is now on a restricted diet and what an improvement!   She is now on a schedule and no more messes!

bridge lara 3 8 6
Little Bridgette has juvenile cataracts and can only see shadows.   But never fear!   She’s been to see a specialist too and we are hoping there may be a surgery in her future that will help her see again!

And last but not least is Gertie.  Gertie has Subaortic Stenosis – a pretty serious heart condition.

gertie for thumb

She’s only 5 months old and may not have the longest future ahead of her but we are going to make sure her present is filled with fun, treats, walks, snuggles and anything else this genial gal wants.

All of these special dogs are available for adoption.     If you can’t adopt, think about fostering.

If you can’t foster, a donation to help care for these pups would be more than welcome.

Thank you

The Zada Chronicles Part Two….by Kelley Derr

August 6, 2013

Still separated from the rest of the house on Day 2, I made lots of trips into and out of Zada’s room.

She always cringed as I walked in, but she’d inch over for some attention as soon as I got down next to her.  Later in the day I was treated to a few small licks and a tiny, tiny wag – just the little tip of her tail – but it was there!    And later in the evening I got a skyward-pointed belly with a silent but understood request for rubs.

My heart has broken many times for Zada – it is obvious that she’s not just been ignored and neglected – but my heart shattered for her at about 3:00 AM on Night 2 when I heard her crying from our bedroom.  Not a request to go outside for a bathroom break, but a deep, dark nightmare from which I had to gently shake her awake.  Perhaps it was of her many pups being taken from her, perhaps from being disappointed by a person she loved, perhaps being physically intimidated or worse; only Zada knows.

On Day 3 I put a radio in her room for some soothing company; she likes classical music!

And on Day 4 we decided a together-but-separate walk in our neighborhood with the other dogs was in order. Only a few moments in and Zada was falling in stride with Nessie and it was obvious she wanted to be next to her.  Not wanting to push anyone too far on the first try, Zada spent the rest of the day in her Mozart-filled mudroom.   But that evening Daniel was certain she was lonely and would enjoy everyone’s company, so…another short walk around the block and then into the back yard and then (gasp) off-leash.

And…this dog is a faker.  

OK, not really; her pain and sadness are very real and I don’t want to diminish whatever it is she’s been put through.  But this dog is a dog!  Joyous day!

It was at that point that we started to see the real Zada – a big, burly girl who has found comfort in her new pack.  There was a lot of running, wagging, and jumping and zero growling.  For the past several days, Zada has had the run of the house and although she still darts from room to room and is unsure of her surroundings, she is only sweet, quiet, and affectionate.

Our trip to adoptions on Saturday was a huge success; she was friendly and dare I say outgoing with some of the other volunteers?

zada adoptions 1

zada at adoptions

But my favorite news to report is that Zada has, with the help of Nessie, discovered MY bed, and I caught her stretched out on it in full-frog position.

zada on bed

That’s how far she’s come in 7 days.  I would have settled for simply walking on her own, but she has given us so much more.