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They are all special but ……

July 24, 2013

It’s no secret that Dawg Squad is partial to Special Needs dogs–we find it hard to resist a dog with a missing or broken part! So, we thought it might be a good idea to update you on the status of those special dogs still looking for their perfect forever home.

Bayou, our beautiful girl with only one clear blue eye, has been looking for her forever home the longest of all.

bayou adorable

Although born with only one eye, it doesn’t effect her vision at all as she seems to gaze at you in a very thoughtful manner! Although good with most larger male dogs, Bayou would probably be happiest in an only one dog household with no cats and very high fences or an apartment. She is quite athletic and could easily jump most fences!

Connie is our 6 month old Rottie who was born with an incomplete intestinal system, resulting in bowel incontinence.

connie 1

We are thrilled to report that a special diet restricted to duck and peas has made a huge difference and we are hoping for continued progress as she grows. Connie is gorgeous, very sweet and gentle and tolerates diaper changes very patiently!

Bridgette is our 7 pound scruffy terrier with juvenile cataracts in both eyes.

brig in pjs

As a result of these cataracts, she is gradually losing her vision and surgery is not an option for her. Quite a little personality, Bridgette seems to look forward to weekly adoption events where she happily takes on our biggest dogs! Bridgette is great with all small dogs and cats, but probably would not be happy living with small children.

Our latest Dawg Squader is Happy, another small scruffy terrier, similar in appearance to Bridgette.

cute face

She came to us from one of the LA shelters with a broken leg. We have no idea how the leg was broken, but we don’t think she was abused because she is, well, as Happy as she can be, and seems to love all dogs, big and small, and is fine with cats too.

Finally, we can’t forget my personal fave, Popcorn!

popcorn with kong 2

We are happy to report that Popcorn’s mange condition continues to improve, but she still has some pink spots and may have some further allergies that aggravate her skin. Popcorn continues to be full of joy and love and is quite the handful! She is still working on her manners!
None of these dogs know they have “special needs.” All they really want is some love, a warm bed, and good food to eat.

Please consider adding a “special” dog to your home!


Your Roving Reporter,


Two new homes and a new addition

December 16, 2011

We’re happy to report that Finnick and Draco are happily settled into their homes for Christmas!
Draco was that beautiful Doberman that our Founder brought back when she returned from dropping off dogs after adoptions two weeks ago. He is such a sweet and gentle dog, it’s no wonder he found a home so quickly!

Draco in his new home



Finnick - ready to go home

If  you are looking for a pup who isn’t exactly sweet (or gentle for that matter) but full of personality and spunk, Mr. Winters might just be who you’ve been waiting for!


The Dawg Squad volunteers can’t quite decide what type of mix Mr. Winters is.  Some say Pit; some American Bull Dog; I’ve even heard mention of Husky.  Who knows!  What do you think?

mr. winters

Found wandering in a park, he is only about 3 months old and he sure is cute–so cute you might think he was a stuffed animal if he were sitting still!   But he’s not one for sitting still.

Mr. Winters is very playful, adventurous and has no fear. At his foster’s home, he has had the nerve to take a toy from an adult Rottweiller/boxer but was wise enough not to do the same with a  much larger Rottweiller who only had to show his teeth to teach the little guy a lesson!

I invision lots of training classes in Mr. Winters future. And since he is so smart, I’m quite sure he will graduate at the top of his class.

Want to meet Mr. Winters or any of our other Dawg Squad dogs? We’ll be at Centinela Feed this Saturday, December 17th between 11:00 – 3:00. Come and share some holiday cheer!


Your Roving Reporter,