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Our Little Ladies’ Man

August 23, 2013

Isn’t Angelo looking handsome in his smart suit and tie!


Quite a lady’s man, Angelo is not only handsome, but loving and loyal.

There is nothing he would like more than walks on the beach or spending cozy evenings at home curled up by the fireplace, watching an old movie or listening to Frank Sinatra.

Is Angelo the just the guy for you? Meet him Saturday at Unleashed by Petco in Ladera Center. He’ll be there between 11:00 and 2:30, just waiting to meet you!

2013 – The First 6 months ROCKED

July 8, 2013

We’ve been so busy at the Squad, we can’t believe 2013 is already half over.   We are thrilled to report that so far this year we have found wonderful homes for 29 dogs!  

Included in the 29 is one of our long term Squaders, Oscar Lee!

Oscar Lee came a long way, starting from Denver, Colorado, where he didn’t stand a chance due to breed specific legislation. 2 years of “tough love” from our fabulous volunteers, especially Darrell, Patrick, and Terri; lots of exercise with our wonderful dog walker Amy, and a little spoiling from yours truly turned the formerly grumpy Oscar into quite a gentleman and he is now living the good life with a young couple in Hollywood!   We love you, Oscar Lee!

Oscar Lee with his new people

Oscar Lee with his new people

So what’s next for the Squad?

Well, two of our large, older dogs, Bobby and Rebuy, are still waiting patiently for their forever homes, as are our lovely adult females, Bayou and Nessie.  



For those who prefer small dogs, we have some great little guys, Pooky, Trooper, Noelle, Bridgette, Sundae, Catelyn, and Robb.

Pooky and Bridgette

Pooky and Bridgette

And of course, we have puppies! Lots and lots of puppies!

Sparky and Gravy are both beautiful, well-behaved pups who have been having a rollicking time playing together at our Founder’s home along with Connie, our special needs Rottie.  

















We named a gorgeous blue and white litter of pitbull/mastiff puppies after the great staff at Unleashed by Petco–Dan, Keillen, Jenn, and Tracy. Dan is by far the biggest, and yes, he is the manager; but it is Tracy, the spunky, beautiful female, that really leads the pack!

cute pic

Oh, yes, we can’t forget Popcorn! We are delighted to report that Popcorn’s skin is improving dramatically, and she is losing her bright pink appearance. But, boy, does she have a bright, pink personality! You just have to come and meet her!



Check out ALL the amazing Squad dogs at    Lisa is an amazing photographer who volunteers her time taking pictures of rescue dogs.   Thank you Lisa!

We will not be at Unleashed by Petco on Saturday, July 13th. Instead, we will be at Good Neighbor Park located at 2800 N. Studebaker, Long Beach, on Sunday, July 14th for a special community adoptions event. Please stop by anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. We will have lots of great dogs for you to meet and we are told that there will be a special drawing for a $100 Visa gift card! Come by to say hi, and you may meet you new best friend and win $100!





May 23, 2013

Despite what we may really want to do (like play with dogs all day), all the Dawg Squad people have other jobs, and this writer happens to be a nurse (a people nurse!) As a nurse, I read a lot of medical studies regarding various health-related topics.

We have all heard about the benefits of  healthy lifestyles and walking to help prevent and/or treat various ailments such as arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression.

But I had to share what I recently read on by a physician who discussed various scientific studies on the effects of exercise to help prevent, and even treat, cancer, explaining that only as little of 150 minutes of physical activity a week may help prevent or result in improved cancer outcomes!

OK, fine, so why am I putting all this depressing people stuff in a Dawg Squad blog?

Well, because this physician stated that he often prescribes a dog for his patients! Yes–a dog! Why? Because a dog has to be walked, and people with dogs will most likely walk them at least 150 minutes over a week–the minimum amount of exercise found to corelate with improved health!

So–to help stay healthy, walk your dog!

Don’t have a dog? Well, Dawg Squad is here to help! We have dogs of all shapes and sizes that would be happy to walk with you!

Are you a little dog kind of person, that likes to take short strolls and you’re not ready, or willing, to train for the next LA Marathon? Well, Sundae, Noelle, Robb, Bridgette, Catelyn, or Pooky may just be your style! All small dogs with short, tiny legs, any one of them would be more than happy to join you for a daily jaunt around the block!

pooky and bridgette


robb for thumb                                                  cate stand front








Like bigger dogs, but would you rather watch TV, read a book, or hang out at the local cafe and participate only in the minimal amount of exercise you and your dog needs to keep healthy? Then, you might want to consider Rebuy, Oscar Lee, Connie, or Nessie–all great dogs who would love to walk at your pace!

rebuy good stand

connie adorable
















Are you a runner? Training for a marathon? One of those active people that spend all their free time hiking? Then consider Mumbles or Bayou–those two will match your every step!

bayou usa mumbles front stand












So, be healthy, stay healthy – WALK A DOG

You can meet all of our Dawg Squad dogs at Unleased by Petco located in Ladera Center where Centinela, LaTijera, and La Cienega Blvds meet. We are there on Saturdays from 11:00 – 2:30. Stop by and take a dog for a walk!



Your Roving Reporter

All Shapes and Sizes!

August 31, 2012

We’ve got a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and personalities in the Squad right now! Meet some of our new dawgs, all available for adoption!

A good Samaritan found Cowgirl, a very young, small, probably puggle/pit mix, in a local park. She had obviously just had puppies. The kind man stayed with Cowgirl for quite awhile, hoping she would take him to her puppies. It didn’t happen; but fortunately, the man brought Cowgirl to the Squad! After some rest and recuperation, Cowgirl’s personality really started to shine! She is sweet and friendly with other dogs and loves to snuggle with anyone she meets!










We met Edwin at an adoption event we attended in Long Beach. He was on his “last day” at the Long Beach shelter, but because shelter volunteers loved him so much, they networked him to the rescue groups at the event. Well, we couldn’t resist. Edwin has a small neurological problem that causes him to “dance” instead of walk and he loves to be held on his back just like a baby! Other than those two unusual symptoms, Edwin has no other issues and he would make a great companion for a small dog lover!

Bobby is a big guy who lost his home when his family lost their home to foreclosure. Probably a Rottie/Chow mix, Bobby is very loyal, well behaved, knows his commands, and is great in the car and on a leash.   Because he is so large, he shouldn’t live with a family with small children.

Finally, meet Ernie! What a character! A Swiss Mountain Dog mix, Ernie is HUGE for only about 6 months old! He is very energetic, loving, and SMART! It was amazing to see him respond so quickly to a trainer who spent a few minutes with him last week!

To meet Cowgirl, Edwin, Bobby, Ernie, or any of our other Dawgs, join us at our new location, UNLEASHED BY PETCO, located in Ladera Center on La Tijera and Centinela. We’ll be there this Saturday from 10:00 – 3:00. Hope to see you there!